Scottish Independence

Edinburgh sunset, from my apartment in Edmonstone's Close

Edinburgh sunset, from my apartment in Edmonstone’s Close


I was born in Edinburgh in 1985. I lived in Scotland until I was twenty-two years old, and then I moved to Japan. I’ve barely been back since, for many reasons, perhaps because it hurts to be there without my friends, who always had better careers than me elsewhere. My country gave me free healthcare and free education and I have been healthy and smart ever since. If you cut me open there would be a fire in me made of Scots Pines.

I am not allowed to vote in the referendum for Scottish independence because you have to be a resident of Scotland. I looked at my UK passport today and was sad.

Here are my thoughts on Scottish independence.

Hong Kong, 2008

Hong Kong, 2008


I am at the top of a newborn glass skytower with the Englishman I love. We lean against the thick glass wall of our room and look out, feeling weightless, over the undulating Bladerunner lights of Kowloon, hearts halting over every breath in case the glass should somehow break, let us fall the more than one hundred floors to crash into the birdcages and dried fish stall