Embed With Games Book Available For Preorder

Embed with games AW lo

The Embed With Games book print version is here! You can preorder it and the ebook here direct from my publisher, on UK Amazon, and register interest on US Amazon. It will be released on the 19th of November in the UK and the US a few months later.

My publisher, Birlinn, is…

Important Social Function


I don’t write about games any more. Writing on the internet felt frenetic, like I was a cat desperately clawing up a curtain made of words, trying to find the core of why I liked or did not like something, why something might be interesting, why I even wanted to continue talking about…

Readers Should Do Work Too


A piece of writing’s worth depends on 1) the ability of a writer to convey meaning effectively 2) the ability of the reader to do the legwork to meet that meaning. 2) is not explored very often.

Embed With Games book news


Er, so a weird thing happened.

Embed With Games was put up for preorder and I was pretty ready for it to be entirely done with by today.

Then a publisher sent me an email telling me that they would give me a modest advance and publish it along with hardback and paperback copies. The latter is…

New jobs, new things, new


New website banner courtesy of Irene Koh, who, as she ascends the heights of comic book stardom, I am trying to keep up with her on the games side really hard and dragging my heels; Irene is so goddamn fast with that talent. She has the fastest art hand in the west. Did you…