Liquor, Bond, Dark

Adapted from this short story.

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New Adventures In Essays


I sent Irene some money and she sent me the cover for my Embed With Games book! 50,000 words are currently in professional editing with a literary editor.





Meanwhile, at my Patreon (please do subscribe to support me), I am trying to give myself…

Closing Pages

Artist's impression of working with me, courtesy of Irene Koh

The Embed With Games series is finishing this month. I am going to write a foreword and an afterword and then it’s going into editing, and will become an ebook (free for backers) and a print version. I’ve commissioned Irene Koh for the cover illustration. I’m really excited about it! I travelled around the…

My Best of 2014


I had a great year for writing! I want to thank everyone who supported me this year. I noticed, and I said a little prayer for you (even though I am agnostic).

That image you are seeing at the top of this post is by the very talented Irene Koh, who drew this motivational…

What I Learned This Year


It’s been two years since I began writing about games in the UK and I left burning tracks off the British winter last January and never once cared much to look it in the face again; the internet had reached its fingers into the narrative and flipped a switch. At some point the internet said:…