Twitter Off


I am taking my twitter down! I don’t really enjoy using it any more. You can find my regular work updates and events I am attending on Facebook. To commission game scripts and writing, contact my agent Connor Goldsmith.

Thank you for all your kind wishes over the years  on Twitter, and for your emails about my spotify playlists (I received a sweet email about these, to my surprise, a few days ago), my work, and my more unusual experiments. I loved talking to you, and I found so many friends that way. If you’re interested in supporting me, you can still buy my book to keep me going.

I’m working on several exciting things, all of them a secret. Patience is a very important skill I am teaching myself.

I love games, but I’ve got a lot of stuff to do now, and I’ll fuck it up if I don’t pay attention. You know how it is. Maybe I’ll come back some day.