New jobs, new things, new

New website banner courtesy of Irene Koh, who, as she ascends the heights of comic book stardom, I am trying to keep up with her on the games side really hard and dragging my heels; Irene is so goddamn fast with that talent. She has the fastest art hand in the west. Did you see she is at Marvel working with that Kieron Gillen now????? Urgh. She asked me if I thought adding a pen to the picture she’d done of me was too ‘phallic’. Of course I answered no.

Dishonored 2

So it took an excruciating amount of time to be able to tell you this, but I’ve done some writing for Dishonored 2 at Arkane. Which is sort of the greatest opportunity I’ve ever been given, apart from that time at Rockstar North where someone let me out of the QA pen to be the voice of Female Pedestrian On Fire.

I can’t tell you anything Harvey hasn’t already said about the project (although he’s answering a lot of fan questions directly over at his twitter!), but I’m so excited about Emily as a main character and I think Corvo got more interesting too. Dishonored made an amazing world for a writer to be able to fuck around in, and though I find the problem solving aspect of narrative design occasionally challenging I feel like the narrative team are amazing at providing really cool solutions to them. Austin Grossman, Sachka, Harvey, Terri – they are all doing this amazing job on narrative and it’s pretty humbling to work on that team at all.

Incidentally look at this Emily fanart that Miss Katz made, it is wonderful:


I’m also working on two other unannounced game writing projects that I’m excited about. Everything is going very quickly. I hope to also complete a game of my own that I am making in collaboration with another gamemaker sometime, but I guess it is currently on the back burner because I’ve been more in demand than I expected (or deserve). So I guess that is four games. Which seems like a lot now I think about it.

It’s basically the season of proving myself. I am pretty sure no one will see whether I am any good at this for at least a year, so well, god I hope I don’t suck. If I turn out okay I owe drinks to Ed Stern and Harvey Smith for giving me really sturdy advice on how to navigate this new role, but it’s entirely up to me to really steer anything I do into Not Suck.  I do like to make a story, I love the process of it, I love thinking about who people are and how they relate to each other. I particularly, I’ve found, love writing characters who like each other. I think Joss Whedon has Characters Who Like Each Other on lockdown and I am starting to appreciate TV writing a whole lot more than I did.

However a lot of characters don’t even have any way of knowing what Ride To Hell: Retribution is or any trivia about the rapper Drake, which is some bullshit.

Meanwhile I am really enjoying reading books for work. Like, I get to read fiction and non-fiction books that aren’t about videogames! For work! And watch films! I’ve watched a bunch of ’em! For the first time in years I’ve done stuff for work that wasn’t just playing videogames that get low ratings on metacritic. Neato.

The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls


Here is one thing you can sample of mine before the end of the year: I am contributing to The Secret Loves Of Geek Girls along with Margaret Atwood and a bunch of other amazing women, which you can support on Kickstarter now.

My essay for this anthology, called Perfect Solution, is about how you can be the perfect player, but sometimes even still not get a satisfactory payback – because it doesn’t depend on you.

The essay is vintage me. It’s about how both games, and love, can be a little one-sided. I hope you find it excruciating to read. I wrote it specifically to torment you, reader.


Embed With Games, the book, has gone… to a publisher to be reviewed for publication. A thing that I didn’t expect, but they emailed at the last minute and now I’m all a bit flustered. So we might get unlimited print copies for everyone. We’ll see if they like it.