On Being Single

There isn’t any happy without┬ásad
There isn’t any love without hurt
There isn’t any joy without anguish
There isn’t any passion without searing, awful unhappiness
The sort that burns
Both the sorts that burn
Falling in love is very easy
It is the easiest thing in the world
You just can’t undo it
If you feel like you belong you do
If you feel like you love you do
Nothing is beautiful without sadness
Intense, amazing lust is unable to exist without boredom
Intense amazing lust is worth the retching cry in the dark
I am not okay about this
I have never been okay about this
But no one in the world is ever okay about this
No one should be
You cannot learn to unlove and this is the best and worst thing I have ever known
It is the thing I get up about in the morning and it is the last thing I think about at night
No one can unlove
This is real
This is tattooed on the concave of our heads
If we talk about it, it will be okay
We are not okay alone and it is natural
I miss you and we are okay alone