Podcast #021 – 2chainz once said | Midnight Resistance

Midnight Resistance pretty much say whatever they want and there is no editorial and also they have some sort of obsession with 2Chainz that I will NEVER understand. I hope they let me back on it because there is always time to talk a lot about mums and all the ISSUES OF THE DAY (farts). I basically love Midnight Resistance.

Anyhow the guys said:

“oh my god video games

This week we are joined by the powerful Cara Ellison [omg thats me] who I won’t say anything more about because her mum might read this [she did] [i got in trouble].


– SimCity

– DotA 2

– Dark Souls

– DmC

– Happy Wars

– Super Jumping Finn

– Spaceteam

Then, questions!

This episode sounds a bit worse because we had to just record the Skype call instead of doing it properly. WHATEVER”


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