Guardian Tech Weekly Special

“At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco last month, the whole issue of representation, including gender, LGBT and race, became a key focus. Several sessions and “developer rants” dealt with the limited depiction of characters outside of the white male demographic, leading to a series of major Twitter storms and lots of debate via blogs and game sites.So does the industry have a problem with representation, both in games and in the development workplace?

To discuss this, Guardian games correspondent Keith Stuart recently spoke to Jo Twist, chief executive of trade body UKIE; game developer Mitu Khandaker; and games writer and producer, Cara Ellison. The results can be heard in this podcast.”

This is a podcast that pushed me to the limits of what I want to discuss in feminism and games – simply because I am interested in the positive aspects of games and what they can do for us – but this podcast is very much about what games are not doing enough of. My optimism sort of pulls me through here, but be prepared for a very frank discussion of how women in particular are excluded from game narrative.

You can listen to this podcast via Tech Weekly special: women in games – breaking the boys club | Technology |