No Continues — Fear | One Life Left

Be afraid (of my squeaky voice)

Be afraid (of my squeaky voice)

I was on One Life Left on Resonance FM this week talking about scary games.

No Continues is One Life Left’s off-season weekly book / game club. Each week the team discuss three different games that incorporate a single theme. This week’s theme was ‘Fear’.

Playlist of games:

1. Which

2. Hide

3. Slender

Extra credits:

1. Forbidden

2. Amnesia

3. Don’t look back (also available on ios and Android)


1. Klamm – Ypsilons Dream

2. Jredd – Storm of the Dark Moon (featuring Groovmaster303 and Dropbit)

3. Downstate – I Never Think About You Anymore (featuring Slenderman)

You can listen to or download the show here: One Life Left: No Continues 007 — Fear | One Life Left.