Crysis Friendzoned me :(

I got into a cute conversation with the official Crysis twitter account. It was a sad ending but I still hold a torch for him. A bit.
  1. “Accidentally embroiled in brouhaha” should be my middle name
  2. I feel nothing with regard to Crysis games apart from woah holy shit this looks real now what do I do im confused oh PRETTY where now what
  3. @Carachan1 The Nanovisor might help you out with a confusing brouhaha. No promises on embroiled brouhahas, though.
  4. The @crysis official twitter feed is giving me life advice about brouhahas. GONNA NEED MORE THAN A NANOTHINGY DUDE
  5. Nanothinger. Nanowotsit. Nanonononono….yes?
  6. @Carachan1 Only gaming suggestions! Unfortunately, we’re not authorized to speak in regards to IRL brouhahas, hubbubs, and ructions.
  7. @Carachan1 Oh, definitely not. There are very particular hullabaloos we can advise on, but not the sort of IRL hurly burly you inferred.
  8. @Carachan1 Nanot really, but we do treasure your friendship and hope you are enjoying the game!