Adam Cadre interview

Anna Anthropy commission

picture by Anna Anthropy

I wrote a thing a while ago that was an interactive interview with a few interactive fiction heroes called Andrew Plotkin, Emily Short, and Adam Cadre. Adam was kind enough to put the full text of his interview online so we could all read it straight. The beginning goes like this:

CE What was your first text adventure?

AC Do you mean the first one I wrote, bought, played, or saw?

CE The first one you played.

AC I think that would be Adventure, which was available on the Dow Jones online service for a mere $144/hour (in 1984 dollars). Fortunately for my father’s bank account, I only got a few turns into it.

CE How about the first one that made you think, ugh, I could do better?

AC It never even occurred to me to try writing them until I saw the 1995 comp entries on the Masterpieces of Infocom CD. And I was never motivated by the idea of writing something “better” than the ones I’d played — I don’t think I ever played a piece of interactive fiction that was clearly of unprofessional quality until I had already started writing the things myself.

CE What are you currently working on?

AC I recently packed Endless, Nameless off to the IF archive, so I’m now turning my attention to finishing up my next book.

CE Oooh, tell us more about Endless, Nameless!

AC When I was twelve years old I entered a computer science magnet program which was full of kids who hung out on various Orange County BBSes. Most of these were WWIV boards written in Pascal. Borland’s Turbo Pascal let you swap in external modules called “door games,” some of which were text adventures. Endless, Nameless begins by throwing you into one of these:



What happens after that may not be entirely what you expect.

You can read the whole thing on Adam’s blog here: Rock Paper Shotgun interview. Or you can read it in Twine game form (long, fictionalised) here.