Long Live the Queen review

“Reader, I married the gross creepy dude to prevent a war.” This is probably how my crown princess’ diary would end. Also, she would say, “I am proficient at military strategy and swording people in the gut.”

This is a fantasy political intrigue spreadsheet where a number can kill your cursor; a sly and intriguing visual novel that weaves political narrative with stat skill-ups and assassination attempts. In other words, it’s Football Manager for people who prefer death-prone royalty to accident-ridden athletes.

Starting as teenage queen Elodie after the death of your mother, you take control of the Novan empire, settling disputes, learning mystical powers and taking classes in how to Be A Proper Badass.

Long Live The Queen

I wrote this for PC Gamer in February, and forgot to put it up. I stand by it: it’s a Princess Makeresque thing that I really enjoyed. Read the whole thing at Long Live the Queen review | PC Gamer.