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Erry day I’m min-maxing

I dreamed of marching into EA HQ in a black pencil dress and high heels and Malcolm Tuckering all my consonants: “ALL RIGHT EA. RUIN MY CHILDHOOD. COME ON. RUIN IT.”

As it is, I stumbled into EA covered in doughnut crumbs wearing a bedraggled jumper dress and giant wooly socks and then squeaked “Hi I’m Cara hi can I see Simcity please.”

The expectation was that I’d arrived to entirely Nick Clegg my memories of Simcity 2000, the last time I’d played and truly enjoyed a Sim[insert noun here] game. My brain sloshed with cynicism, oozed elegy out of my earholes. But as I was guided into a cloistered room of PCs and left to gently sink into strategy mode I started to thaw a little. A nice PC and a few calm hours of geek vernissage, I was a woman who had to have a mouse forcibly removed from her hand. Only two lugubrious samosas were left for lunch by the time I went to get some. I decided to name a city “lugubrious samosa” as I grumbled back to my desk.

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