Free Games About Sex

You know what is weird, IGN? How few big videogames are about sex. Everyone’s always going on about how oh, we’re all thirty years old now, all grown up, and we’re making games about fatherhood like in Papo & Yo and The Walking Dead and all that jazz, and you can honestly murder anything in games these days, like you can make the witches in Left 4 Dead into Whitney Houston, have her sing to you, and then gun her down. I mean you can even make the likeness of Hitler and Stalin as Miis and then have them play tennis against each other, but still games are all like: NO HUMPING. STRICTLY: NO HUMPING. Hitler: okay. Stalin: okay. But YOU KEEP YOUR BITS TO YOURSELVES, DICTATORS OF THE PAST.

One of my favourite things to write recently has been Six of the Best Free Games About Sex at IGN.