Nine Worlds GeekFest

Along with talented Sir John Walker of RPS and the excellent Rhianna Pratchett, I’ll be talking about those wimminz and what they think they are doing dipping their toes in teh Haloz at this year’s Nine Worlds GeekFest (9th-11th August) in London. I’ll also be leading a panel on queer and feminist gaming, and having a little fireside chat with Rhianna about her work and thoughts on games culture.

From the website:

Women in Gaming – Crossed with Geek Feminism

“Women don’t play games”, “Harassment is just part of the culture”, “They’re only playing it to get a man”. These are just a few of the absurd misconceptions which still surround women who play games and work in the games industry, and it’s about time they stopped. A handful of these women will be discussing their #1reasonwhy we need feminism in the games industry, their #1reasontobe part of this creative and evolving medium, and ways we might be able to open the industry up to a wider creative viewpoint.

Games For Us: The Rise of LGBT and Feminist Indie Gaming – Crossed with Queer Fandom

Video games offer the potential to create and explore an infinite range of worlds, stories and characters – so where’s the LGBT and feminist representation? While the mainstream is grappling with growing demand for diversity, independent developers are taking advantage of increasingly accessible technology to present games that challenge assumptions. Are you looking for games that speak to your experience, or is there a game you love and think other queer and feminist fans should know about? Come and hear from the people who make and play games that deal with gender and sexuality, and bring your questions and recommendations to share with the audience.

By the Fireside – with Rhianna Pratchett and Cara Ellison

After a long weekend of game culture discourse, come and unwind by the fireplace as Cara and Rhianna talk about…whatever they want to, really. Hopefully remaining on the topic of games though.

Read more about the events here as they are updated. Video Games Culture | Nine Worlds GeekFest.