New Adventures In Essays

I sent Irene some money and she sent me the cover for my Embed With Games book! 50,000 words are currently in professional editing with a literary editor.

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Meanwhile, at my Patreon (please do subscribe to support me), I am trying to give myself a break by halting my travelling and vagabonding. I am going to write you an essay a month still, but just not (strictly) about game developers. It will still be my usual stuff, and usual quality, but with respect to actually maybe settling in one place and having a place to live (so I don’t go doolally).


I’m so excited to announce the first of these brave new essays will be a mini comic made by Irene and I! I love her so much and we have been making this thing for ages. So I am giving her half my Patreon money this month so that she can finish it. Please do join me in paying her more money, and subscribe to her Patreon too.

Recent work

Vignette game for Jack King Spooner 

I wrote a scathing appraisal of polarising internet culture in my celebration of Nathan Barley’s 10 year anniversary at Paste.

On kissing, for The Yearbook Office

S.EXE looked at Full Throttle’s platonic relationship and how wonderful Mo Corley is

The wonderful Katherine Cross reported on me and Merritt’s sex talk at IndieCade

I wrote about fanfiction, The Sims 4, Nicki Minaj/Drake and the nature of celebrity at Eurogamer

You can preorder the book The State of Play which includes an essay I wrote with Brendan Keogh on The Joy Of Violence.

I voice the character Kenna Martin in the new Charnel House Trilogy:

And I guested on Idle Thumbs recently! Joined the pantheon.

Til we meet again <3