Yes, right from the planning, plotting and mechanics stage, right down through the character sheets, working with designers, artists, and animators on how best to interpret the story into every part of what the player experiences.

This can include dialogue, UI text, barks and scripting, though I have often worked on titles that have no in-character dialogue, spoken or otherwise.

Though I prefer to be present for the planning stage of a narrative-led game, I am also practised in writing to tight constraints within an already-plotted game structure. I easily adapt to many forms of scripting and writing software, and have worked in Inky, Unity/UE4/5, Twine, Final Draft, Scrivener, Visual Script and many proprietary in-house game engines in AAA game development.

I am working with Gravity Well in Los Angeles full time, with some unannounced projects forthcoming. Contact me via email for my project availability.