Two weeks of news, some of which is about Britney Spears | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

lol I did some news for two weeks at Rock Paper Shotgun. All I discovered is that the Hivemind is incredibly relaxed about how many pop music references you can crowbar into your dry news reportage. Two of the silliest news items I wrote were Riot Act: League Of Legends Banhammer Applied  and Schrödinger’s SimCity: EA On Hacks vs Mods, Fixing Traffic, the former being a newspost where I talk mainly about Britney Spears, and the latter of which I managed to put in a video of Malcolm Tucker being a bastard.

Three of the best actual news posts I wrote were straight news I dug about to find, and as such no one remembers them (sadly, when I am not being totally nuts, no one bothers to read my stuff – hoist on my own petard). But these are the things that are important, as they are pushing forward our medium:

Rain World

Ancient Workshop’s Origami Sim


Okay the last one was a little silly, granted. A lot of speculation on whether I am part of the ‘Hivemind’ yet. Sadly, I am still a wayward ronin word master, as Nate says. Til next time, my friends.