Apology For Using Female Writers

“We made a mistake. It’s important as a website that readers can trust that we are up front when this happens, and willing to admit to our failings, and promise to address them. And as recently as last week, Rock, Paper, Shotgun let a woman write an article. We would like to apologise to our readers for any offence caused.”

Some readers of my Rhianna Pratchett interview thought it was self-aggrandizing of me to post a fuzzy Skype picture of myself with a soup punchline in it, so John Walker asked me if he could publish a hilarious sarcastic post apologising for how much I wanted to make a joke about some soup. I of course said yes, Jenn Frank and I having almost giggled our lunch up over reading it.

Also he graffitied a beard on me. I am still laughing about it. Thanks, John.

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