Crivens Wrangler: Crossed Annual 2013 | Avatar Press

I like explosions and Scottish people

I like explosions and Scottish people

I helped Si Spurrier, friend and writer of the excellent grossfest Crossed, to make his Scots phoneticisms (and incredible curses) readable for the Crossed Annual 2013. For this I was given the credit ‘crivens wrangler’ which is probably my proudest moment to date.

Sometimes I still get work as a literary editor and proofreader, so it’s nice to be able to help out someone who I admire as an author, and also help out a friend.

(It was paid work – he paid me in pints. All is well.) Here’s the sales schpiel:

Si Spurrier teams up with Gabriel Andrade Ferals to tell a tale of Jackson from the Wish You Were Here webcomic. The first ever Crossed Annual promises a super-sized tale of extreme horror you will not want to miss! Simon Spurrier unveils a standalone story that is a perfect starting point for new readers, exploring a black corridor from before Wish You Were Here! While the weekly features the whole cast, one character screamed out for a special one shot issue that tells his tale of woe. Jackson, the mad Scotsman who tears into the Crossed with the sort of efficiency only the truly insane could accomplish, was hard-as-nails before the outbreak. Then he got tougher. Spurrier and the stunning art of Gabriel Ferals Andrade deliver a grueling dose of viciousness that explores what it means to be insane in a World gone Crossed. There is no hope. There is no help. There is only the Crossed.

You can read a preview of the comic here: Preview Crossed Annual 2013 Featuring Jackson From Wish You Were Here | Crossed Comic from Avatar Press.