New Is Old

September was a month where the new looked exactly as the old; where things changed and yet stayed the same. Elizabeth and I made a comic for Kotaku about how games graphics are improving so much that soon we’ll look to regress; and I published my cyberpunk adventure into the heart of Paris. Oh! And yes! I moved my blog here, to My own domain!

Originally, I wrote the Paris adventure back in February; the blonde woman whose youth I am jealous of is Keza Macdonald of The Website IGN Dot Com. We had wine and the best cassoulet of our lives in a tiny restaurant surrounded by Tintin the Adventurer, and I mused bitterly at first at how little the UK invests in videogames. But I was wrong about my own country. We are a country that is driven by personality and passion, which is not to say that France isn’t. But the UK certainly knows itself better, I’d say. We are a funny old lot. Hardened in some ways. We have edges that France doesn’t. I’m trying to learn to be at peace with that.

Anyway, the lovely Wil Wheaton and eventually Cory Doctorow reTumbled that Paris article straight from Kieron Gillen’s Tumblr, which is nice of them all. I have to say, I prefer writing fiction to journalism every day. But I guess many people would say there’s no difference anyway. WINK.

Adjust your RSS and what have you if you can: I’ll be writing here for the foreseeable future. All my latest work across the web will be updated there in the top right.