Elizabeth and I team up

Hyper talented artist Elizabeth Simins and I are embarking on what I hope is a long term relationship where we also get paid to be in that relationship. It’s sort of like being in porn except there’s no fun part where we touch genitals.

Anyway, Kotaku has been lovely in putting up our first offering. You can read our work at the link below, though I thoroughly recommend ignoring the comments, ESPECIALLY the ones that say I am terrible at writing. In case you agree.

Three Short Comic Strips About Being a Female Game Journalist.

Edit: also, during E3 week, there was much discussion about the term ‘girlwood’ (as fallout from the Ubisoft conference). As a consequence, I became aware that any discussion of ‘ladyboners’ as a backlash against brotalk makes the trans community incredibly uncomfortable. Any mention of ‘ladyboner’ is a privilege cis women have that trans women often do not, as I understand that trans women are often threatened or feel unsafe when they talk about bodies candidly. I apologise sincerely for this reference in the comic, particularly to those trans women I made feel uncomfortable. It was due to my privilege that I was able to make that joke, but it’s not a good joke if, whilst punching up at the status quo, I accidentally bruise my lovely sisters that stand beside. With my next comic, I will be much more aware of my responsibilities to include and to embrace. I hope I get better at this in time.