Embed With Games book news

Er, so a weird thing happened.

Embed With Games was put up for preorder and I was pretty ready for it to be entirely done with by today.

Then a publisher sent me an email telling me that they would give me a modest advance and publish it along with hardback and paperback copies. The latter is what everyone had been asking me for! So I said yes for you and you will see it come out in November instead, along with the ebook too.

So sorry for the delay – and if you are a Patreon subscriber you should already have your copy of the ebook for free (do message if you haven’t!). But I hope this is good enough as I know everyone kind of wanted this thing to put on a bookshelf. A REAL bookshelf, not like, some cyberbookshelf. Not any of that William Gibson shit. Tangible stuff. None of the Tyrell Corp garbage.

Anyway, it is happening. More news on how to buy this stuff soon.